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First, and foremost, as I tell everyone in the free THD Live Trading Room, the room is not designed to be a follow along with Gail room. It is specifically designed to give traders the skills they need to trade with.

I focus on low risk, as well as risk to reward, and have many traders in my room that do not use my indicators but have learned a great deal about price action, ADX and RSI (they are both available free in any platform including ThinkorSwim). This is why I said an 8 tick loss on the Euro is easy to make up.

Second, trading is not about the indicators you are using. It is more about you, your mindset, your discipline, and your understanding of what you are using. I won the IBFX forex contest in New York (competing with 10 others traders) with a platform that compressed an entire day of date in 10 minutes. I did not have anything but price and a moving average. But I won the iPod. That itself proves that indicators are not magical but price and your actions are.

Three, I don't have any indicator that has a price tag of $599. I do have a couple for $595 but then I have others that are below that ranging from $125 and up. And, you always have the option of using the free ones provided with your platform. However, my trading uses my indicators and my trading plan is built around that.

Four, yes we chat about everything in the room, from the weather, to kids, to politics, to difficulties in trading. If there is not a trade setup then we may as well fill the time with other things.

Five, I do not allow people to see others in the room to protect the privacy of my clients. Of course, competitors often attend these rooms as well to try and add email addresses to their mailing lists. Then they promptly go and post how bad the trading room is, as well.

The THD Live Trading Room is designed for traders who want to help each other. We often have other traders in the room that give advice on what they do in their own professional trading and how they have overcome their own obstacles. However, we do not offer get rich easy schemes or tell you how easy it is. Quite honestly, trading is hard and it takes a lot of studying, about you, your markets, and your methodology to be successfully. But then again, most successful professionals have put a lot of time and study into their profession -- becoming a trader is no different.

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