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UrmaBlume The indicator I posted does not use price in any way and defines trade by the "very secretive traders" whose trade alone is enough to motivate/propel price and the non-retail traders I know find that very useful indeed. I couldn't see how that is true no one can access that information. The large commercials use what is called a "Dark pool". Dark pools of liquidity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia It is totally hidden then just appears then disappears no one can track it or trace it if they could there would be chaos. This person must be using something like COT data or something freely available.

No think about it. COT data on Friday is from Tuesday, that is quite a bit of delay. COT is worthless for day trading quite good position trading. COT has been showing, last time I checked the Large Specs adding to shorts. It's a function of time/velocity. If it were not indicators like volume stop, very good BTW, and time histogram wouldn't work. I just wish I could get them working on Sierra, because NT 6.5 even with a quad core is a beast on resources. Oh well NT7 is coming in about 3 months.

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