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 Vendor: www.jigsawtrading.com 
Trading Experience: Intermediate
Platform: MultiCharts.NET, S5, Ninj
Broker/Data: AMP, S5, IB
Favorite Futures: ES
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Bo from chicago: good morning all
Leslie: Good morning
PRADIPKUMAR S PATEL from United States: GM
Kevin Deegan from las vegas: good morning
Steve: S&P...1.27 Sell...1320.00...5 Point Stop
Steve: We strongly suggest that traders have a solid knowledge of this trading method and practice in simulator before committing real funds.
Steve: Can use "Fit Screen" or "Actual Size" or "Maximize" in upper right of your browser to adjust chart size. Also, F11 will enlarge the charts.
Steve: PreMarket Commentary about 9:15 or so
Steve: Euro...Sell...1.4209...1.4233 stop
Steve: First Exit Euro...1.4200 area
Alicia from NYC: GM everybody
Terry from Colorado: and the "Ben" is talking again at 10 AM
Steve: Take Partials
Steve: Stop to 1.4215
Jeff: Good morning
Pete from Bangkok: you people got filled @ 1.42 on the 6e?
-> Audio telling me off for not playing ball
Pete from Bangkok: not jumping in to anything - just asking if you got filled!
Naveen G from san diego: Leslie I think it may help new traders if there is flow-chart of things that need to be done
Naveen G from san diego: before getting to the Live trading room
Naveen G from san diego: may be on your website
osam from fl: Good Morning ALL
Steve: gm Osam
Steve: Stop to 1.4210
Alicia from NYC: Naveen, if I may put my 2 cents in, the trading room is like a classroom, where we all sit down to listen, observe and hopefully learn a few things. And as responsible traders the onus of the consequence of rushing in without understanding is on us. Please do not take offense about my comment, it is given to elucidate and not to criticize.
Pete from Bangkok: guys - don't take too much on my comment. Target was 1.42, just a simple question as to who got a fill there. My mistake. I personally don't move stops until I get a fill. Note that I didn't get any instructions that said "dont ask abt fills" !
osam from fl: Trust me guys dont let them Send Steve to your House to teach you a LESSON LOL
Naveen G from san diego: Sure Alicia, I dont have any issues
osam from fl: it happend to ME
osam from fl: LOL
Naveen G from san diego: still trying to figure out the kind of room I am getting into , previous ones were quite different..
Steve: 9:30 EST
Steve: S&P Opens at 1316.75


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