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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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OK I use 2 trading rooms and I believe both to be legitimate.
It is not that I am a big proponent of trading rooms but they suite my style and give me more confidence.

(2) Easy e Mini
This is Trisha Ogilvie; she is a great teacher and sooo patient with all who ask anything. Also a live room with charts; she calls numerous trades that are optional/riskier and she explains the reasons; she only takes the high probability trades herself and she tells you what she is going to do; she claims 80% probability; seems quite reasonable given her very conservative nature; I get the impression that she is more of an educator/teacher that someone trying to reap your monthly fee; only negative is that there are not many of her high probability setups, so it can be a long day; there is no doubt that after 1-2 months you will have learned enough of her MA crossover S/R trading system to do it yourself.


Trisha is the only trading room/educator I would recomend. She is a good egg and she is very straight forward and has an easy approach. The method I trade now is based on the foundation I learned from her. I can honestly say that you will not make the mega-bazzillions of $$$ promised by others (dream merchants), but she did not damage my account the 2 months I was with her. At the time I started the E-book was $50 and the room was $100 per month. I give Easy e-Mini a big

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