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My 6E trading strategy

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Hi Charles

So just to verify, this system is doing well for you now...but it is pretty new since you've only been trading it a few months on the 6e?

yes this method is fairly new by itself but I have been trading for almost 5 years, just not making enough money doing it.

I have been profitable trading this way every week for over 3 months, 2 months before introducing it to this forum.

Will it work for you just because it works for me, is for you to decide. This method is comprised using several techniques I have learned or bought over the years. No book, trading room, or 3rd party indicators made me money, but the large amount of money I spent on that stuff did in some ways help me learn how and why the market does what it does

Trading can be a very expensive thing to learn to do, it certainly was for me. I have also learned it is very difficult to take someone elses method and copy cat it so it will work for you. This method I trade is a very simple and easy way to trade for me, it could be a nightmare for someone else

What I try to teach in this forum is how I trade, if you see value in it I caution that it is not as easy as setting your charts up like mine and all of a sudden you will turn your screens on tomorrow and make money. It took me over 4 years to finally come up with this method of trading. You are going to have to study your charts, SIM trade the method, follow this thread on an ongoing basis, study your charts some more, SIM trade some more and repeat this until you come comfortable with the method and its nuances.

Welcome to all the new traders who have recently started to follow my thread. A piece of advice, if you have quickly read the 1st few post, got a copy of my trading manual, and then jumped forward to the recent post you have missed a lot of valuable information regarding this method. Advice, you need to go back and start on post #1 and follow this thread through, not doing this is cheating yourself. You dont go to your local bookstore - buy a book and say "Let's skip the first 5 chapters and get to the good stuff" doing so you miss the stories plot - same thing here. Jumping through the thread you will miss the plot, the manual by itself is the basics of the method.

This thread has become very long, it has a lot of information that you need to trade this method successfully, do not cheat your self from it