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My 6E trading strategy

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masood chughtai View Post
Have you tried Chales method with a smaller profit target when 1508 fails just slightly to make a LL/HH or when 1508 makes LL/HH but 377 fails to do that

I dont mean to intrude here as I see you are asking Forrest this question, if I may give my 2 cents

I would strongly advise you dont do this for 2 reasons that come to mind

1. You are scalp trading when you do this and that usually always will result in over trading and R/R problems
2. When doing this you are committing the cardinal sin of my method, you are looking for a reason to trade or other wise stated you are forcing a trade. bad, bad way to trade

"Be like a TIGER: being perfectly still, waiting for the setup to come to me then pouncing without hesitation or thought."


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