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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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My opinion of trading rooms


My opinion of using a trading room to trade your account is not a good idea. many trading rooms are run by salesman that are out there to trap the newbie in to subscribing to their method. I once was in this predicament where nothing I did made money and I was searching for the easy way - let someone else tell me when to trade

This way in my experience has never worked. I believe many traders resort to the trading rooms for the main reason that they do not trust and have confidence in the method they trade. If this is the case with you regardless of the trading room you will still lose money

you must trust and have confidence in the method you trade without both you are doomed. The best trading room is the one you personally run in front of your computer.

trust and have confidence in the way you trade, when the signal appears pull the trigger, and let the market do what it is going to do. If you have a good sound method to trade the profits will follow you


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