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My 6E trading strategy

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7/08 video


here is my video presentation for Friday 7/08,2011

Click here to watch

While I was creating the video I see some questions came in concerning trade management and being bored

1. The video will explain how I manage a trade, but let me stress that how I do it and how you do it may not be the same due to your risk tolerance and how much money you trade with. I can only share how I trade and that is no way telling you how to do it - this has to be your decision, there is no wrong way or right way to do it as every trade carries with it the risking of your hard earned money

2. As far as what I do when no trades are occurring, the main thing I do is convince myself to trust the method and not get caught in choppy market. When the setups are not occurring tell myself this is not right get your hand off the mouse and wait. rarely does a day go by that I dont get at least 1 trade, I usually get at least 2 but it requires a lot of discipline and patience to wait for the market to come to you and not get anxious to trade. When it gets too boring and my vision begins to blur or I get distracted I will completely walk away from my office area for 5 - 10 minutes and just clear my mind. Thats all you can do because if you start to force trades bad things will happen. This is not a 20-30 trade a day scalping method - it is a very conservative trend trading method that will produce very high profitability trades

Everyone have a great weekend, if you have any questions be sure and post them here on the forum for all to learn as I check in & out of the forum during the weekend

Talk/ chat with you all Monday