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My 6E trading strategy

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Now I'm up to date with the videos as well. Here are a couple new things I learned:

1. You look for divergences to take place when looking for an entry. If everything sets up properly in the 1508 and 377 tick chart, but there is no divergence in the 377 tick chart, you do not take the trade. If the stochastics indicator is moving the same as price, you don't take the trade.

2. When trigger lines are somewhat wide, you want to see one of the trigger lines go flat or start to reverse to take the trade. If price immediately reverses and closes back in the direction of the trigger lines, against you, you close the trade.

3. You want to see Stochastics below the 50 line on the entry bar when going long and above it when going short.

One thing I seem to have missed is that I remember you saying that you changed the settings for the Keltner channel so the lines are closer together, what setting do you use? When you mentioned that in the video I forgot to write it down and it's pretty hard looking back through the video to find where you said that.

Period 21, multiplier 0.8

this is if you want to have the thin band like I have on my chart, again the 21 center line is the important one