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My 6E trading strategy

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Why was it valid ? If i consider your rule that price needs to make a DB/DT with divergence if we get a lower/higher peak on the 377ticks. I don't want to cut the hair in four (French expression) but here we did not really get a DB.

EDIT: maybe you looked at the small bottom that was not picked by the zigzag indicator.

I think you are referring to the trade at around 9:50 cst. I reference this trade in my video I posted. the last swing down by looking at the ZigZag alone it is a lower low but the down bar that makes the LL closed a tick lower than the prior swing on my chart

I have made reference in the past to ignore swings where a HH or LL is taken out by a single tick, this is usually just market noise, and what appears to be a slight LL or HH on the 377 turns out to be a dbl top or btm on the slower 1508 chart so do not give up on the potential signal because of a tick