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Harmonic Currency Pair Cross Index

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Hey feelnot how you doing?

Hey LittleKnown, I'm doing good and yes I did know about the signal bender/blender(?) thread.
I just finished going through a 2004 yahoo group with 1400 postings (each on its own page ugh) from a guy that was maybe JetTrader's friend (dont know) but he basically took JetTrader's very first base system and built around that a little and helped a few people there in 04. However even in 04 what he had was not nearly as far as JetTrader had it at that time. But even then this guy was able to teach people being complete noobs to having something like 75% success rate. Using just numbers and hardly charts. He never showed the way he got the calculations that these people were then using but it seemed like TCDs and some other things. Now just to try and get similar values myself from anything JetTrader has explained and I can then see instantly how they were trading it in the early days.

It is important to note that his early system was not predictive. It just used some ground calculations and they traded from that. Now like JetTrader has said he uses metadata and stuff he has gained from raw data research for finding patterns. And it predicts the future a little ahead of time - or a lot I don't know.

Anyway I really like his approach, never knew how to use multiple time frames and see how they impact each other. So I'm going to read over what I have saved from these few years of posts and do my own research from there. I think he posts some very good information in 2009 on dailyfx boards and in 2010 on trade2win forum. Just something I found and scanned over today. Just didn't read it all since I just read 1400 seperate pages of a 04 yahoo group and I'm taking a break from that.

Just nice to know the history of the system instead of only hearing the most technical things from the newest posts I guess. Though really I would skip that 04 stuff. I think he tries to explain his stuff the best he can public in 09 and 2010.

Edit: Hey JetTrader. I didn't mean to hijack your thread in any way. Honestly it's just that most people are thinking were they'll get tomorrow's money so they won't be willing to take their time and discuss what sounds to them like a hit and miss type research (referring to harmonics) :/ Plus that this forum is very small. I hope you are still here though.

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