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just another rant here. I toggle between big mike and another forum.
This forum kicks ass so sometimes I post it here first and other times
on another forum first. Anyways... this is my post today
The economy will go up and down until we die or aliens from another planet take over.
Cycles are normal. HUSTLE WISELY

The head and shoulder pattern has been recognized in price a thousand times over.
Does anyone think there is a group of jackass' sitting around a table saying "okay
guys, the right shoulder is almost complete...after that we shall cash in our
mega profits and laugh at all the noobs!"

Does anyone have a price pattern of the crash for 1929 that we can examine?
I've seen if before but maybe we'll see something different this time.
Are there any other bearish price cycles of the past that we can examine and
compare it to future day?

In retrospect, what are the reasons for the economy to be bullish?

I feel there is a lot of negative energy circulating throughout the world
but I feel that we are still growing as a species and shall see more innovation (growth) to come.
It may not happen this year. It may not happen in 5 years, but I still see us growing and I see
new companies emerging as the leaders for the future.

In the meantime, I'm going to play the market as I see it. If you want to know how I see it,
just check in here every day or at least every week. I'll have something to say. Sometimes
I don't have a clue and most of the time I don't have a clue lol...but I'll have something to say
and more often than not a position in play. I'm humble and open minded to any viewpoint
anyone has on the market. This is the place to spill it. Let it out.

In regards to the 4th of July...here's my post

I can only wish to be as badass as every patriot before me.
Everyone wishes they could go back in time but I wish
in the deepest pit of my soul that I could go back and join
the men that made all of this happen. I'm nostalgic of
the simpler times.



It sucks to think but my honest feelings right now are that we will
never get back to the drive and determination that our predecessors had.
Too many people feel they have entitlements now. A very low percentage
of the population really strives to make themselves and their country better.
Nobody gives is crap now. It's a depressing feeling that I have. However,
I do overcome it by doing my part by trying my best to become the person
I've dreamed up. I have a vision that I strive for but I know it's not enough.
My vision needs every person in the world to stand up and do their part in society.
Become the person that you dreamed up. Everyone had a vision in their
head when they were young of who they wanted to be when they were older.
Some people still have it now as a reminder but they never do anything to
accomplish that dream. I hope to become somebody in society that
future generations can look up to. I'm nobody in over a billion voices but I
feel the power to become the person I've dreamed up. It won't happen
over the internet. It won't happen just hanging out with your friends.
It won't happen sitting on your couch by yourself watching TV. It
starts with our mindset. Gandhi was right when he said become
the change you want to see in the world. I feel that a large majority of America
feels that our government is against us. That's my honest perception.
I feel that way and I know a lot of other people do to. Our government
needs to respect the people it oversees. In order to get respect you need to respect
yourself. I will now bring you back to the beginning of my writing. Too many people
expect entitlements. This needs to be cleared up. There should be no entitlements.
We all work for the greater good of ourselves but most importantly the greater good
of the world. If everyone is equal then we should all bust our equal ass to do something great!
If you don't feel the same way, then hang out on the sidelines.
Expect nothing. Become something. The World Is Yours!

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