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how is eotpro's ncep working

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I realize I'm about a year late answering this, but what the heck... I hate to leave conjecture like this out there:

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Another thing that intrigued me was why would Richard leave eotpro if they're making money hand over fist?

Did he feel bad for being part of eot? Did andyone ever really make any money in the chat room?

Oh, EOTpro was making more money than ever when I left. Back then was right about when we started trading several markets at once, and scalping CL. That definitely improved our performance (and helped draw attention away from a few lean months on ES if I recall). When I was with them, Bill would pull his ninjatrader stats live for people, and I'd be surprised if he weren't still doing that today. Not only that, but our customer base was bigger than ever. The kinds of deals you are seeing announced this year were starting to come together right about when I left, as well.

But, I didn't get into trading so I could end up at another job We were very focused on business deals and re-inventing ourselves monthly to appeal more to customers, and what I really wanted to do was work on my trading. Even though they had the respect to treat me as a full partner in the decision-making process, I knew I joined them last and did not want to get in their way. So I left.

We did maintain communications with some customers that did very well with our stuff. By and large, those customers were not the ones who hang out in our chat room making small talk all day. Just an observation. We had some real success stories that I'm proud of, but there are many people that would find a way to lose money no matter what you did for them. We started to host webinars with people like Mark Douglas and Ruth Roosevelt to try to help people get their heads on straight, but it's one of those leading horses to water situations. Still, it wouldn't be the markets otherwise, and that's just a part of the business you have to accept. (it's also why it should not really concern you if you meet someone who tried it and couldn't win with it)

Some people on this thread say "I don't know how Bill is profitable" ... you know, towards the end of my involvement with them, what I really wanted was for us to shut down our indicator supply business and re-open as a hedge fund. I would not have been pushing for that if we weren't able to make money with our stuff

I haven't seen the stuff they use now, so I can't give an opinion on it. I just know that when I knew them they used their own product, successfully, and cared a lot about growing in ways that helped their customers as much as it appealed to them. I have always been able to make my own indicators, but I originally joined up with them to soak up Glen's wisdom and experience. To me, that alone was worth the monthly price, because let's face it... when you actually start to make money $300 is just a drop in the bucket, and anything that helps you get there faster is worth it.

I hope this helps.

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