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Quantsports, Ninjatrader and Betfair

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Therefore you can be sure that there are no simple recipes (like "buy when above moving average") that make you a winner.
Also simple arbitrage strategies don't work in this area because all shops are connected.
Don't assume they are just dumb bucket shops.

Furthermore it might be helpful to keep in mind that betting is widely used for money laundering.
You can be sure that the people that keep up businesses which need such services don't leave too many holes to let over people live of their "work".

SO all retail betting are losing money, like the 95% of the retail trader?
So as you write..." there are not simple recipes (like "buy when above moving average") that make you a winner" what kind or recipes...
I don't assume that are dumb bucket shop but I think the could be a key to win money from them?
I don't know about laundering and betting and how this concert with trading, please what so you mean?
SO what is their business take monet from the trader and poor user?

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