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YTR - review

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Hi Jones,
Thanks for your feedback. I attended the webinar, read their ebook and had a 1-on-1 webinar as well to discuss their offer. YTR does have a good business plan which is good for them :-)
You pay up $20000 and then they "allow" you to trade their prop a/c for 1 year. During this time they regulate the size of the trades you can take - does not take much intelligence to realise that the max allowed will be equal to your $20000 that you have paid. In return you will also be able to attend their online trading room, use their trading methods/indicators, etc.
For a trader who knows how to trade and simply wishes to trade a prop a/c - not worth it!
For trader who wishes to learn how to trade - not worth it either!
What is good about them is that they are not "pushy" - they tell you upfront what it is all about and then it's your call.
All the best!

Do they have any figures on the success rate of people who are learning and go on to succeed?

Also - did they tell you how many in their prop firm are now trading the firms capital after going through this process.

If they are a legit prop firm, it should be easy to check them out. If they do offer the chance to rub shoulders with genuinely successful traders, it's not that bad a deal.

What instruments are you allowed to trade when you go for the prop deal?

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