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MTPredictor Software reviews

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Enclosed is my spread sheet everytrade,, This is for the Eminis, , 3m day session, auto indications,, using analysis, 2% risk, 5k account.. The ES did not trade that much because 5k is not reasonable for this instrument(so this could have been better or worse for real world..

Course there was contract rollover to muck up the waters. So if it doesn't match ur chart, check the rollover contract date..

Also most of the "filled" trades were "failed" trades ( though they want u to think otherwise and somehow they could tell without looking at the tic data!? ),, If the stop placement was hit before a fill, no trade (even on
the" filled "trades). Any outside bar that was question a filled trade I counted as failed.. So this is probably worse case..

Also did not do the analysis on the R deal(so kept the account size small to mostly trade one contract), since a different number contracts can be taken with a larger account,, seems like a 1r loss on 3 contracts isn't covered by a 1r gain on one contract.. Maybe someone has some insight into that situation and maybe it all works out.

I was a newbie to Elliot wave so even recognizing when to use what tool, would have been helpful, let alone using the tool different then anyone else, just needed a starting point of when to use the hammer rather then the screwdriver,,, then I could get fancy

I also realize that there are different methods of education based on ones personality,, their are many that think they can pound a square peg into a round hole,, more power to u...

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