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LOL @ this thread.

I understand that people don't like me. That's fine. Still - I did take a trial and these are my experiences. This thread isn't about me - but about this service.

I have to admit when I took the trial, I WAS impressed with the results. At that point, I was a prospective client - more than anything, I was just interested in how this was done. I've seen many trading rooms and most I'll switch off after 10 minutes. This one I stayed with for 4 days.

These guys can call good trades well in advance. Still - I have a friend who's a magician and some of the stuff he does amazes me too. So - I sat down and wrote down all the trades. With a 10:5 r:r, any statistician will tell you that a dartboard throw will get you 66% winners. When I took this into account & the fact slippage wasn't being reported and the "that's 40 ticks there - up to you how you manage it" - then I decided that it was probably a very well orchestrated illusion. So - I did the other digging and found stuff that made me run away. Note also that what I didn't mention earlier is that they were also getting fills where very few contracts traded. Still - they are calling levels way in advance and so could be 1st in the queue.

Still - this is just one mans findings. There could be someone out there that is trading this live and making heaps of cash. I suspect that people that subscribe will be initially impressed by the illusion and see the actual results don't line up because of fees, fills & slippage.

Since this thread started the vendor has updated the site to say the live calls are simulation only. So - one of their team, a guy who could trade the CL live with this method, is spending his time NOT trading and making calls for this room. Does that really make sense?

My suspicion is this is an illusion. I think people should try for themselves though.

D Toast,

This is not about liking anybody. I don't know you and you don't know me and if you did you'd see I am about as reasonable and respectful as one can be here. I am sorry you believe I don't "like" you or I attacked you, I just questioned why you as a vendor would jump on them? So I will cease, (out of respect to Big Mike's credibility and to you) to not make this a pi**ing match. I will say this, I have spoken personally with the moderators of the Trade Precision room, probably know more about them than I need to know yet if they passed me on the street I would not know it was them! So you'd say (I would) how do I know they are telling the truth? Well, in my professional life I have been taught to recognize signs and what questions to ask which I care to not get into here; but definite clues - we'll leave it at that, OK.

As far as their room, they have NEVER claimed it is the holy grail. They accept and do not make excuses for losses - at least not in the time I've been there (still am) perhaps when you trialed it was different. Last week EG was a rough Thursday for them, and no excuses by them, but it was all made back and more on Friday. No methodology is perfect.

As far as trading live money - they charge $69/mo for the room and with only about 40 people that isn't a great source of income! The VIDEOS are on SIM because of the CFTC RULE 4.41 As you know being a vendor nobody can guarantee results because as a vendor yourself, once you turn your wares over to a prospective trader he/she can take the BEST system and fail miserably. So do they trade live money? I'll leave it up to you to decide. I've trialed MANY rooms searching for that one special indicator or grail and I've not seen many (if any) live DOMS on the screen for all to see.

The fact they offer a true 5 day trial without cost and don't promote their training while in the room, unless one asks about it, should be fair enough for one to decide if they like it or not . . . if not move on. As you did. Simple.

Lastly re: the whois, I ran a whois and everything checked out, addresses, phone numbers, etc. So let's just leave it with the following and then I am done:
I am personally happy with them as are others in the room, no vendor is perfect regardless of what they are selling . . . this is a tough business. Every trader needs to accept that! There are NO shortcuts.

Have a great day and all the best in your trading.

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