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DOM Sphere for NinjaTrader (

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I will admit - I did look at this but not in too much depth as I was a bit lazy in learning something new. Still - I think it may be of value and I have a few questions.

Is there any way to identify how many trades/month it would take before this product pays for itself.

By that I mean savings in:
- ATM fees
- TT credits?

Also - would using this software allow me to connect to multiple brokers WITHOUT a multi-broker NT license? Could i use a free license but connect to IB through your DOM?

Do you have any performance metrics/videos of this next to a Ninja DOM to show how it does during peak times?

Finally - I have read the literature but wasn't sure of the difference between what you offer in terms of the exit strategies and any features you have that aren't in the ATM strategies.

For example - could I do something like this:

- On entry - 6 tick target 8 tick stop
- each time the market moves up 2 ticks - tighten the stop
- STOP any automation of exits if I move something manually?
- don't tighten past breakeven

Of course - that is very specific to me, I'm just trying to get a handle on how tunable it is compared to Ninja ATM.

One other thing - does it submit OCOs to IB? My understanding is that Ninja submits OCO orders to IB that sit on IBs server. With most brokers, both legs of the OCO go to the broker but the cancellation of the opposite leg (when one side is hit) is done on the platform. My understanding is that with IB the cancellation of the opposite leg is server side. Is there anything specific you have done for this or is it just standard with IB?



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