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here're some thoughts about "big traders". first you need to put yourself in the shoes of a "big trader". lets say you want to go long the ES. you buy 5000 cars. and what is your goal? your goal is the market to go up. wouldn't it be in your best interest if everybody can see, oh there's a big buyer, I'm going long too? with other words the big trader WANTS the retail trader to follow him, so price will go his way. he's more than happy to show you what he's doing. it's really that simple. the ONLY way he don't want anybody to see his trades, is when closing a transaction (short or long).

high frequency trades are more for stocks. it's a common "frontrunning" game. kind of difficult in index futures, unless you have some inside information that can influense a whole market!

So for me too, these kind of indicators are absolutely useless.

zoethecus, ich muss dir rechtgeben. vollkommen richtig.

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