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why this short frames? it is only chaotic without symmetry ...
make a short calculation for range or renko ...

for example daily range or hourly range

daily range (average/median of the last 21 days like forex) is 150 pips -- so i add my range bar to 15 range (10%)

on hourly range the average is 30 pips the last 21 hours and the median is 15 -- so i add my range to 6 range

- a move comes

and all your results became a clear mind or not ...

i do not understand the terms of volume but keep it simple

if you trade only small frames like 1 renko, 2 range or ... you will lose your focus in the picture. the price build on higher frames. the money maker moves the markets and not an army of scalpers ...

analyse the range maybe the volume and make a picture

look at the average and the median of an x - value


Your absolutely right!!

But, This is what a work in progress looks like!!!!

What am I am looking for??? entry and exit points for trades.

So far, I am only getting the "interesting" results on the chart interval displayed.

I would love other time frames too!!!

If you or anyone else has a simple way to coherently display "level2" order entry at bid and ask,

Not just market order totals, the tally of orders at, above, or below the market for any fixed interval regardless of the current price!!!

Please share!!!!

Working with level2 is doable only in real time and is very time consuming.


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