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Guys, I read all of Pat's threads on TL and ET (he is banned) and here's my 2 cents.

A. Urmablume's stuff is for high frequency, large size tick scalping, a style I have no interest in.

B. I think he cherry picked those examples.

C. He never posted anything about how this stuff makes him profitable despite repeated request from members.

D. He never posted any templates are indicators to share with the forum. Instead, he enjoyed dropping little hints about how this stuff is made. Totally the antithesis of this place.

E. I don't believe there are "speculative commercial traders" in this ES market who throw out hundreds or thousands of contracts as a naked bet, like black or red on a roulette wheel. This comes from a reliable source who would know of these things.

F. I don't believe his indicators are predictive despite the few charts posted.

G. I don't believe anyone has predictive indicators for that matter. If they did, they would soon own the world.

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