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But it IS an attack and you are a vendor bashing a vendor. Wow. I am a member of their room and you, my good man, are off base on some of your claims above! And by bashing them you are attempting to promote yourself, what a terrible manner in which to do business. They call trade entries minutes and hours prior to the actual entry and stick to them. They report their losers and do not make excuses for them as many rooms and vendors do. Does your software do that? How about you take a five day trial and if not impressed then move on! But how many derogatory posts have you used here - I am not certain but I counted three on the first page alone. Do you have issues with them or are you only attempting to, in a roundabout way, promote your own wares? H,mm? Do you dare answer?

Sure - I'll answer.

This is a trade calling and mentoring service. I took the trial. I saw some winning trades. With an initial target of 5/6 ticks and a stop of 10 ticks, we would expect 66% winners anyway. When trades went past the target, they would claim the additional ticks and say "its up to you how you manage the trade". When trades went against, they always claimed to have exited at the 10 tick stop. Watching the Time & Sales I found a couple of occassions where they called 10 ticks stops in an area no trades had taken place.

By doing a simple whois lookup, it came up there was a bogus website registration.

Their website is full of SIM trading videos.

All of these things are FACTS. Can you point out to me which of these things are not facts?

This isn't a bash, just a list of the facts as I experiened them. Facts can be disputed, please go ahead and do so.

Also - you could actually forget these facts and present your own. For example, you could put up a live account statement for your CL trading over the last month to show how well you are doing with these guys.

This will not prove my facts are incorrect, just that they are irrelevant.

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