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Emini Methods (www.eminimethods.com)

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As unbiased a review as i can manage - time for me to contribute to this forum

I actually paid for this and figured i would provide as level of a review as I can manage so that others can benefit from my experience. His materials note copywright and various confidentiality provisions, which I will not violate either in this forum or via PM...so please do not ask.

To be fair - i have not been remotely successful with Wally's material but that is possibly due to my own failings and his system not working well with me. He posts lots of success by others and claims about a 30% success rate - which seems pretty good.

The good:
  1. Wally clearly has put tons of effort into this and his materials are quite extensive. I dont doubt his success rate that he posts. His work is well written.
  2. His materials cover lots of good mental/money management stuff
  3. There are some people who are successful with Wally's teachings
  4. He focuses on YM (and not ES), which seems like pretty good sound advice.
Things I did not like:
  1. Wally uses a dizzying array of indicators, which absolutely swamped/overwhelmed me. Clearly that works for him (and some others) but not for me.
  2. Support, a potential future chatroom (to chat with others) and Sierra indicators are all a la carte. I clearly did not read the site carefully but I did not realize those were extra $$$. - This quite frankly bent me the wrong way (in a big way).
To sum up - there was no holy grail here FOR ME. Hopefully others find this useful. Personally I have gotten more out of much less expensive systems (or free forums). Again please dont PM me looking for Wally's materials - i wont provide them.

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