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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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My experience of Felton Trading

I think they're the best. I did Rockwell, David Marsh and local Australian courses, and they're good but I think Roger's the best. I use his trading software and I like it, particularly FT Momentum, Turbo & channels. At the risk of sounding like a somebody I'll say what I've learnt and why I like Roger Felton so much.
You have to own your system like a master and Roger forces you to create and own your own system. Then, I say, you've got try variations until you find one you love and then count exactly how many times it succeeds & fails looking back over some months. If it works you must paper trade it until you've doubled your money. Then you gently, gently start real money trading so, so minimally because the gambling bug
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is waiting to destroy you. Above all, you have to work like a Trojan. Do all this and Roger will help you all the way. He's a good guy.

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