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rtrade View Post
Hi Massive, are you swing trading or intraday trading? Which currencies are you watching?

I only make a couple of trades per week. I do mostly intraday.
If I do hold it's never for more than 1 week and most of the time 2-3 days.
I will trade any of the currencies if they meet my criteria.
I also like trading ZN and every once in a while ES although
I mostly forecast.

Fat Tails View Post
The target was met. Please compare to #3 of this thread.

Fibonacci Retracements and Expansions work particularly well with FOREX and currency futures.

The pattern is a variation of the crab pattern.

Right on, Fat Tails. I agree. I've used fibonacci before and they do seem to be self fulfilling because
a lot of traders use them.

Did you trade this one or were you just forecasting/target scoping?

Accumulation from Friday in /ES proved to be in play today for anyone flipping long.
I'll have to take another look at price and volume later and reassess.

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