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mad hedge fund trader, john thomas

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Id like to thank all who have contrbed to this blog. I was researching b4 joining. I agree with others that he is not so much an analyst as a journalist who has found the value in attending $ plate lunches so he can name drop. Specialising in Macro makes life easy...... there'll be 200 mil more mouths to feed in 5 food !

Stemplar..... cool down or yourll burst a blood vessel !!!! He really didnt promise you a fortune....he promised you COULD make a fortune IF ....! But I would certainly reco you enquire about his 'limited to 500 subscriptions' claim. Lets see: $2k ish pa x 500 hardly pays for him, his employees, advertising, office costs and all those lunches. Such charity is to be admired......Apparently he charges some of his high roller hedge fund clients that much each.

Regards and thanks again.

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