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Harmonic Currency Pair Cross Index

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Hey thanks for the answer JetTrader and all these additional posts. They are really helpful! Also sorry I didn't mean to reply so late.

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So, here's a good tip: Enter CD Intercept trades as close to the start of a new larger bar as possible and know that bar's historical Magnitude. It is a Non-Directional recovery strategy. Just make sure the Risk for the trade fits within the historical Magnitude for the "next bar."

That is a clever idea

The stuff that you are researching now, do you plan to put that into your signal engine? As I understand it you have some code that can detect your older patterns which are a little different I guess. You do it through excel right? So it detects it through the OHLC data. Not graphical right? Sorry just wondering how you get code to detect what you are searching for

Also, say if you have some type of signal that you get that has say 75% hit rate but a drawdown on the other 25% so you close the position. How would you best use multiple time frames to help you out? Would that be something you recommend?

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