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Those are pretty strong words... Why on earth would you say something like that if you're not even profitable?
If you were/are, why are you signing up for all these services?

This is not meant as a personal attack, I just think it illustrates a big problem on this site: The blind leading the blind.
I have never seen so many discussions on vendors on any other board, I can't even understand where people find all these "services".

If one is just starting out, one might actually learn a few things from such services. But it will be at a huge premium... The same information would be available by doing a simple web search and/or picking up a few books. There is a reason these guys are selling stuff, and it's not because they are making a killing in the market...

Why Lornz? I think people do this because misery loves company; especially when the unkown is involved. I agree, why move from method to method if one is so great. My first fiasco cost me $7500.00 and if it had of worked out for me I would have stuck with it; no way I would not want to get some ROI on that amount of money.

Why are there "all these services"? I think its because people want the easy path (I know I did) and that they (the room/education people) know that people are greedy. If you really want to make serious money, you need to check out my new super secret method at My method promises you that you'll not only make money, but you can do it while intoxicated, sitting by a pool, and you will get chicks........all in under 30 seconds a day.

And yes, it is the blind leading the blind.

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