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Harmonic Currency Pair Cross Index

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So this trade set up to D was off a Standard Harmonic ? (a Gartley or Crab etc..still getting my head around these)
There is no Falcon.?
To see if I'm understanding, would there have been a Non-Conforming Falcon ?

Go easy on me.. lol


I'm sorry, but did you say you needed help? LOL!

All three charts look correct to my eye. A slam dunk the first time through.

I spent all day running Standard Harmonic Patterns on the M1. It got hot and heavy for a while, but as the NYSE closes up shop, things tapered off into a slow descent downward for the EURUSD. But an hour or two before 0000 GMT, smaller Standard Harmonics structures started forming again.

Note the tight Tail Feather formation on your Conforming TCD Falcon and the huge wingspan. Looks like a Falcon coming in for a landing to me, where he flares his wings just before touch-down. I'm still learning some things about Falcon's, so I am not yet a Falcon Trainer.

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