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Joel Parker's review

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T&S for NT Mod from Jigsaw

as an FYI... for those who want to actually read the tape, it is best to use MarketDelta aka InvestorRT for it... why? simple.. it has the ability to aggregate ticks on the same side, live!.. no delays... and it can handle the data without hiccups... no need to pay $250 to have the T&S reconstructed...

check it out... 132 contracts sold... the T&S on the left is aggregating ticks live... while the one is the right is not.. and btw, that is a standard feature on IRT/MD... so you dont need the Pro for it..

forgive my scribbles on the pic, not really an artist

A disclaimer... I am not taking a shot at DT, I think he is a great programmer and had a good idea by ensuring that NinjaTrader had functionality they should've had in the first place.. I just dont believe in re-inventing the wheel.. MD/IRT does an excellent job with the T&S.. and it is a lot more stable than NinjaTrader (still)... not to mention it consumes no resources

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