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Joel Parker's review

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interesting thread... I will add my 2 cents... I have spoken to Joel, and I have purchased his course material for tape reading... I believe a part of trading is being able to look at the T&S and use it as supporting information for when one approaches price levels to determine if they will hold or fold, and as such I wanted to see some action and make sure that I had the idea correctly in my mind...

one of the thread commenters is correct, tape reading isnt really something that can be taught, it is acquired over time.. I was looking for a shortcut .. ... and there isnt such a thing..

as to his tape reading course... yes, he rambles on for a while (I mean, a lot of the time) which makes it difficult at times to follow... I basically watched the whole thing and then captured the pieces that I cared about and repeated those... I do not think any of the trades on the video were done with real money.. then again, I have only seen John Netto trade with real money, everyone else says they do when in fact they dont, so I was not surprised.

did I learned something that I could use from the videos... that is tough to say... I did find the material of use and I was able to apply it as it refined the ideas that I had... would I have gotten the same experience if I had no clue? I think not...

I should say that at first I went with the 10 days mini-mentor thing... that was a complete waste of time.. but I was able to apply the $500 agains the video course, which managed to cover more of what I was looking for, actual practice and videos of actual tape reading..

I did find some of his other material of use.. but mainly because again, it allowed me to refine some of my own thoughts.. so if you have an idea and want to "validate" it... and I am using that word very loosely.. then go for his videos... if you are brand new 100%.. maybe not so much, read up first books and then decide..

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