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Joel Parker's review

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Keep in mind, for every training package that Joel sells, he pays you back the fee for the indicator. You stated on here that you don't make any money off the indicator. You were being misleading again because I know for certain Joel pays you a fee for each license.

Breathe deeply. Let the anger go & start reading what is written. Joel doesn't make money from selling my software, he passes the full amount to me. I never claimed I don't make money from the software. Go back, re-read & digest it.

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You indicated you were the one that recommended Joel's room to Big Mike. Hmm, did you tell him you have an interest in everything Joel sells ? I wonder, did you also recommend "FuturesTrader71" to Big Mike ? I see Big Mike started a thread the same day he started this one. I see on your website you state regarding futurestrader71, "This is a blog with mostly free information on trading.The blog is run by a professional index futures trader, trading out of the Chicago Board of Trade building. He trades for a living and has no other profession. He has his own proprietary trading firm and trains traders at his firm, people that have no prior trading experience. There are a number of free webinars available and there are some that you have to pay a small fee for. The proceeds for the paid webinars go to charity. We have watched them all and they are all well worth the small fee. You could pay thousands of dollars for training from a commercial trainer and still not have anything close the richness and value of information on this site. Click Here to go to the site". I have checked out his blog. There is no free information like you state. Just another vendor out there selling his stuff. And for you to state his fees goes to charity is downright misleading. We all know this not true.

I have a challenge. Find one person, just one person that will post he or she feels like his training was worth the fees he or she paid and he or she learned anything he didn't already know. Find one person that isn't connected to you and Joel. I also challenge you to find anyone that benefited or, felt like what they paid FuturesTrader71 was of any value.

I bet you won't find anyone.

It's a shame there is so much of this B.S. out there. If these guys were so good, then they would be traders and not promoting this crap.

OK - so both Joel & FuturesTradrer71/FT71 are of no value?

No value to anyone or no value to you perhaps?

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