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Harmonic Currency Pair Cross Index

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Hello JetTrader

Would it be a good idea to trade non-standard time frames or a few pairs together to ridden some of that competition while I trade very standard lagging indicators?

Because (off topic!) I am checking out DMI-/DMI+ or ADX going by an older post of yours saying that you could trade with just that.
Before I had just developed a great parabolic mechanical system but then I noticed the Parabolic SAR re positioned its dots like crazy. A mistake I will never make again. I was using the dots in relation to other dots and it alwas kept me out of the sideways market (when backtested), or in without closing. Hah well there went that dream!

I am right now just trying to pick up some experience trading the flow of the market. Using one indicator sometimes. This is because I have seen how some people on the forums just pick up on systems after systems and use them to get lots of profitable trades. Why they change systems or even use them I don't know, but they just seem to be in general good traders. Of course just making their daily 500 dollars or something. My point is I don't want to go trade harmonic patterns or some advanced stuff before I'm comfortable trading a very nooby way yet still able to make a profit.

Putting a high period ADX on the chart for direction and then me pin pointing entries myself. I think will make me much more comfortable trading in general. When a high period ADX is on, even though it lags. It seems to find the powerhouse direction so it's much more likely that any sudden spikes go in your direction. I don't like the default period because it whipsaws a lot so crossings can not be used. But waiting for a more clear + over - and it becomes irrelevant because the direction has reversed on you.

I'm sorry for being off topic. I can edit this out and leave just the question if you would like with no problem! Just pm me. I don't want to confuse anyone here.

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