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RJay View Post

Talk about timing!!! This "The Secret" thing is really amazing!!!

He is using a 1000 Volume Chart, I am using a 1 tick NoGapRangeBar Chart.

I am going to test his chart setup on Monday to compare.

Power-fail last night wiped my charts, I have nothing to post.

I am really curious about the harmonic indicator charts too!!!


Any progress?

I have been checking some things out and I've come to an impass.
The spikes on the chart MUST be something besides or in addition to volume.
They could be volume related but they are strange because of a few things:

If the chart is a 1000 share chart = 1000 volume bar chart. (Ninja can do that I've run it with the replay data just as he has on the data from 9/17/09.

I see the three areas his charts show as spike areas. Some of the indicators I'm using actually show some type of volume spike but here is the part that is the puzzle:

If the bars on his chart are 1000 volume, then EACH bar will only show 1000 contracts and then a new bar will be generated. His charts show spikes over 45000 on those volume bar charts. If that were volume spike alone without some modification then the 45000 contracts would have created 45 bars not 1.

(at least that is the way I understand constant volume charts work)

I think the system he uses looks very good but I'm not certain that everything he writes is easy to uncover.

Am I missing something here?

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