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EZColortrading.com review

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Look at it this way... most of her customers will be men... and women have been selling fantasies to men since that one chick talked that dude into biting an apple ...

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That's how the story is told by men. Do you really believe it?

If you think about it, the Middle East is not exactly the region, where people grow apple trees. The original Hebrew word in the bible was "evil" (please see following post, this may be wrong). The Latin bible uses the word "malum". Unfortunately for later generations, the Latin word "malum" means both "evil" and "apple". The guy who translated the Latin version of the bible for further distribution amongst Germans and Anglo-Saxonians did not exactly understand, what he was writng.

As people believe all sorts of nonsense, if it is written in the bible, we got the story as it is known today. Old machos of all countries still like to tell it again and again. If you subscribe to EZ Color Trading you can blame a woman for your trading losses. That comes really close to the story with the apple.

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The Hebrew Bible uses the Word 6529 (translated peree) which means fruit. (not evil in the original Hebrew). But you are correct about the translation to Latin. malam and malum can be confused, first basically can be translated - apple and the second - evil.

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Thank you for the clarification. Unfortunately, I have never studied the Hebrew language, so I guess, I should believe you.

Someone missed the point....

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