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Trading the Jam way

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This guy's stuff is horrible. He's got way too many things going on at once. He sells all kinds of different software, and then has another course teaching you how to trade manually. So he's got like 3 or 4 methods going at once. The whole thing is way too confusing to make money.

The basic rule that all the methods have in common is to trade breakouts. That's it! There's not much more to it then that. Then he keeps telling you to trade them until you make money. So in other words, you can lose 4 or 5 in a row and you will still be trading them. It's a joke.

Unless you have a really large account that can withstand HUGE drawdowns, forget it. And even then, I still don't know that you would be ahead. If you run into a bad streak, you are done. Anything you buy from him is a waste of money in my opinion. Nobody in the room is making money consistently. If he tells you they are, ask to see their account statement for the past 6 months.

Please SAVE your money!

JS12, we were going through a transition from discretionary to semi automated and now automated trading as we were building out our discretionary rules into an automated system. when you came in we were in that transition, please come back and you will see one method and one system. It is not for everyone for sure, but during the transition, I had to keep the old stuff for our original members. I will spend some time with you so you can get a true understanding and if you still feel that we are truly "horrible" then you can certainly repost this message.

Also, as far as nobody in the room making money consistently this is a false statement period, and one that you have no clue what you are talking about, come in the room and ask my members, "full Transparency" they will share account statements and live trading.

As for just breakouts, this statement alone tells me that you do not know what we do, because our system is not about entries, but instead about trade management and position sizing. Do we have a breakout trade? yes, and we have pullback trades as well, and we incorporate choppy filters, multiple contract rules with targets and trailing runners, our money is not made from the entry but instead from the exits.

Again, I invite you back in and I will personally walk you through my system and you can then write a corrected post.


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