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EZColortrading.com review

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DionysusToast View Post
Sigh... this industry....

This is the bottom of the food chain in terms of trading software. It's where the money is. It's where the gullible newbies are.

Red light sell, green light buy. That's what people want. No effort, everything "EZ", quick and simple.

Of course, people will buy this and if they are lucky, they'll throw it away after a few weeks of trying it. A small loss will have been inucrred and hopefully, they'll leave wiser. Some people will lose additional money because they trade it.

The market is like a bucket. Lots of people throw money into the market and they all want to take more out than they throw in. Obviously, this is impossible. It's a competitive game. The minority will walk away from that bucket with more money than they put in. It take a lot of hard work and effort to get profitable and stay that way.

This thread is invaluable for 'EZcolortrading.com'. Even this post, people are reading it thinking, "That Dionysus just hasn't figured it out yet" or "maybe this one does work" or "Just because Dionysus couldn't make money from pretty indicators, doesn't mean I can't" or "why do I have to do it the hard way like Dionysus"... etc etc. etc.

So let's face fact - this and all other indicator systems like it are a total crock of sh1t. It is a shame that Ninja partner with such people in my opinion.

Trading isn't easy, it's competitive. People need to either come to grips with that and stop treating it like a get rich quick scheme.

From her perspective, I think the EZ trading venture has nothing to do with trading. It is purely and simply a venture to attempt to create income, she could have just as easily been selling shovels, it's just easier to sell dreams to the dreamers. It's the capitalistic way.

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