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Experience at Live Trading Rooms

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paige tx
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MktWiz View Post
Hello Traders,

I would like to hear from any of you that could have any previous experience as a subscriber to a Live Trading Room.
I’ve been at some demos at Traders International, Rockwell Trading and also a trading room from Australia called Your Trading Room and it seems they have a methodology that works. Also on the publications of their results the show impressive track records, off course with the disclaimer that those results were obtained on the simulator.
My personal opinion is that I rather use the $4,000 - $6,000 they charge for their services as a “learning cost” and star trading on my own.
I think that at this point in my trading career I have enough experience, discipline and knowledge to start day trading; probably I’m still lacking a specific methodology for my setups, but I’ve been doing pretty well on the simulator and I have a very good knowledge of money management, position sizing and have solid discipline.

I’ll appreciate your thoughts…

Happy Trading
The Wiz

IF you are just getting started,or you are looking to learn,,someone has a FREE or almost free TRIAL out there,,, on almost all trading styles,,,and there is so much free stuff here.
Most of the really good ones don't charge that 4000 or 5 grand,,they just try to cover cost..
and if you learn nothing on free trial,they really are just after your money,,,
The good ones are Teachers and not salesmen,,,you can learn tons,, on their site also,and they are almost always teaching in their trading room,,not asking you for money

Moral of story,,,try lots of trials, they are FREE,,and if you just have to give away money,send it to me...JRS

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