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I tried junkie out for about 2 months. Overall i felt like i learned a good amount, and it seems like a reasonable trading room for absolute beginners. However, i was unable to make money with his methodology. I didn't lose much either, but certainly the videos he posts daily have some amazing results which are not at all what is made in the room. In fact, i found that in the room for the trades that he does call out and participate in, his calls are always really unclear, and it often sounded like he was waffling - deciding whether or not to take the trade, and not really letting anyone know if HE was going to take it (until it was already profitable of course). Often if a trade lost, after the fact he'd say 'oh, i passed on that one for such and such a reason. I found it a little suspicious.

So, i'm not sure if he's legit or just a trader who can't QUITE make money trading. There may not be anything wrong with that. He was a good teacher, and seemed like a nice person. He had some good things to say about trading psychology.

Before i joined his room i was also a member at eminiaddict.com. Their methodologies were so similar i thought they were probably ex-buddies or ex-business partners or something. I learned quite a lot from eminiaddict.com as well, he's a good teacher too, and seems like an honest person. He did NOT call trades out in his room, just concentrated on teaching. Ultimately i wanted trade calls, but i did spend a few months in his room learning from him, which i think was a good experience overall. I liked eminiaddict.com better, and i only mention it in this post because their methodologies are SO similar.


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