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www.leadingedgetrading.com trading review

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What is the criteria for being selected for the training?

How successful are you right now with your trading?

I still don't understand how you could wire someone a large amount of money with no written agreement. This part would worry me.


The criteria for being selected is doing well in the monthly room. E.g. today we were selling the ES since the open for target 1348.50 and 1346.75 and 1345.25 was breakout for 1336.75-1334 with an interim target of 1339.75. What I used to do when I started in the monthly room and its the same mistake that most new traders to the room make is instead of selling into the targets I would buy in front of the targets hoping for a bounce from there and hoping to make a quick 1 to 2 points...this may work at times but today I would've gotten creamed. If that is the sort of mentality you have and stick to it then you won't be selected. This is what I do now: I sold some 1352 (higher orders weren't filled) and took profits .50 in front of the targets and attempted a buy at 1345.75 (small risk because 1345.25 was breakout and a little bounce was expected from there) got stopped out when 1345.25 broke and reversed to short 1344.75 for some and had higher orders working 1 and 2 points above the break out point that didn't get filled. Took profit on 2/3 at 1340.25 and final at 1337.25 and reversed to small buy from 1337 (stopped out for 2 points) and some from 1334.50 (took profit 1337.50) because no lower targets were given. Stop is 2 points from the number or less if you get filled at a better price. If you trade 12 lots the first hour then midday you cut it down to 3 lots and 6 lots for last hour.

I'm doing very well...the goal is to go home green everyday and I manage that almost everyday.
I had lost more than what a paid for the training and would have lost even more if I didn't join so it was a no-brainer for me. Besides, I was never pursued by them to take the training so it didn't seem that they were after my money...in fact I didn't even know there was a training room till they mentioned they were closing the monthly room so they could concentrate with the training room. And the only way I found out about them in the first place was when I asked my broker if he knew of any good signal service for the ES and he emailed me their link. Fortunately for me we shared the same broker.

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