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Has anyone tried eminiacademy.com?

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Well, good luck to you guys trying to make this work.

I have a feeling the vendor from Emin Academy doesn't even use the method he is selling.

He is making $5k a pop selling it to other people so why should he use it? And from what I understand it is a re-make of NexGen (which didn't work too well either from what I hear).

It's easy to sit there and look at a chart of yesterday's action and tell traders where the trades were. Anyone can do that. But let's see him do it in real time. On his blog when he puts up these videos he always points out these magical exit points, and they always seem to be exactly where the market turned. His entry technique seems valid though, but I don't understand how he always seems to get out of the trade at the best possible location. In real time, I would bet a lot of money on the fact that he can't do it the way he shows in his videos.

If you are going to make it work, I suspect you would have to revise the method from the way it is sold, as I have heard from many that they cannot make it work due to the subjectivity of the exits.

But I wish you guys good luck in trying. At least Vovan is honest with his videos, I just wonder how much money he will make.

Just my opinion.

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