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Has anyone tried eminiacademy.com?

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what do you think about authority?

I'm a member of the trading authority's triple threat course. Be interested to hear others experience with it. I'm still going through the course and have yet to apply it live. I'm struggling to get through it all to be honest. Seems like every week there's new content. Just when I think I've finished one section... there's a new 2hr video to watch in the last section. It's one step forward two back. Feels like I'll never finish it. The recent change over from NT6.5 to 7 hasn't helped things... just when I thought I had the charts set up... the old ones don't work in NT7 so it's back to recreating the layouts. Frustrates me no end. From what I've seen so far the bigmo strategy is similar to the nexgen, eminiacademy one. EMA cross over, confirmed with MACD cross and trend bars... enter on pullback to EMA. I really wish trading educators could summarize their course content and just give me what I need to know. Who wants to watch weeks of waffle on video pausing every few minutes to make notes. It's trading... not rocket science!

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