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Had to laugh $37,000 for software (www.orderflowpro.com)

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If you can produce 7 winners for 3 losers with a R-Multiple of 1 in a consistent way, that is all you need to double your account. The key is discipline and money management (position sizing).

I do not think that anybody here needs to stand up and be a man. That is a bit of macho behavior. Not everybody is exhibitionist and wants to share or call all of her or his trades. If I make money, why do I need to prove it to anybody? I am not selling anything, after all. My method will not work for you and your method will certainly not work for me, which does not discredit either of them.

Oh I agree but it wasn't you who insinuated that what I did was not at all special, unfortunatly I never saw that person produce any profitable live trades like I did. I don't mind comments or critical posts, but do the same, show it like I did and then talk again. I hope that is the least I can ask in my defense.

look, i created a profitable trading style, it was the hardest thing i did in life and it has costed me extremely lots of money and effort. I even proved it by performing the above for free here, I think laughing it away was improper and disrespectfull. Especially from somebody who never did the same like I did.

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