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Selling Snake Oil

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Would like to build a nice collection of promises made by snake oil sellers. Whenever you stumble upon one of those wonderful statements that can be frequently seen on website and spam mails, here is the place to put it so everybody can enjoy it.

This collection is not intended to discredit the whole industry feeding on retail traders. There are serious traders and coaches, and there are those who a not serious, and typically it is easy to find out who are the bad ones.

Spam Mail from

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Don’t stand me up, click the link below now...

Apparently, not all snake oil is bad. It is high in EPA, which sounds suspiciously like some kind of an indicator.

From Wiki:
"Richard Kunin, a proponent of orthomolecular medicine, wrote a 1989 letter to the editor arguing that oil made from Chinese water snakes is very high in EPA. This substance is known to be a pain reliever, and Kunin argued that it might provide an explanation for the traditional use of snake oil. Snake oil does not have the dubious reputation in China that it has in the US and elsewhere in the Western world, and it is used widely in traditional Chinese medicine. However, it is not seen as a panacea in China either; there, it is used only as relief for arthritis and joint pain."

So, much like technical analysis, snake oil has its defenders.
(Nothing against either one. )

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