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Has anyone ever heard of Felton Trading? (www.feltontrading.com)

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sarasota fl
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I think Mindless has either the wrong trading room (not Roger's), or he/she has missed the point completely and did not understand at all what it was Roger was doing in the room. This method is so far away from 'Balck Box' it's laughable. It is totally discretionary and it's totally up to you to make the trade work for or against you.

I think the name says it all "mindless" Mindless most likely has had bad or infective instruction from others and now decides to spoil it for all trainors in order to get back at them. Truth be dammed. Felton was one of the better rooms I have tried out. I wish I had found them before I wasted money on the other stuff I did land up buying.
There are to many people like "mindless" on all trading forum. They reduce the effectivness of good people who want to actually help and are the prime reason so many good traders and trainors never find their way to any forum for long.

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