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Traders' opinion about PageTrader ES trading services (

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researcher247 View Post
Wrap your noggin' around this.

David Williams believes he has found something no one in the world ever found!

Reflected Wave

He pulled in 2.5 million in 1995 and he will pull in another 300K for his 2 seminars this year.

I have followed his work fairly closely on and off for nearly 10 years.

I would LOVE for someone to look at his reflected wave charts (I have more examples that I have captured and listened on his daily CFRN broadcast) and reverse engineer it.

However, his heavy-handed legal contract to attend is insane.

Watch out for his background check he will run on you and you are subject to bodily search.

Fine, he is adept at 'spatial forecasting' (wasn't Hurst too); but reflected wave is something that he discovered and one can use an indicator in an 'unusual' way to see both directionality and timing.

His dates are +/- 1 'timeframe/bar or whichever timeframe you are using.

I tend to think he is an extremely good businessman; admittedly he is a conservative trader and does not trade every day--his subscription base through pagetrader is massive and he has a knack for countertrend trading.

I just thought everyone would enjoy the 'pitch' for 7K.

I attended his webinars and listened to CFRN for several weeks. He continued to always say that conservative trading is best.

He is not a CTA but does use a broker that gives out trade 'suggestions' with good management and rules and targets.

I get the feeling he is equally talented as a long-term businessman as he is a 'forecaster.'

He even states there is a difference between being able to forecast a market move and to successfully trade it.

It is unfortunate that after making so so much money that he prices regular people out of his 'beautiful secret'--the Reflected Wave.

Believe me; even if every trader got the same information from this indicator; we would all use different timeframes and different approaches and different ways of trading it.

It truly is a marketer's world.



very interesting point. I tend to distrust kinda of "holy grail" or "Mida's touch" stuff. Indeed, if there were such a secret, I would be willing to sell everything I own to pay for it. I would just keep my last 1000 dollars for stock market speculation, after the secret has been disclosed.
By the way, I agree with you that, at least according to my first week of the trial period. The guy until know was good in his forecats, thoug if the trades he suggests are often endangered by slippage. I will continue to follow him with the utmost attention and will share my opinions here in the forum.
Thank you very much for your thoughtful post.

David_R View Post
Its so wonderful, its so fantastic. Pick tops and bottoms and make millions. All for only $7000. So, is he sharing out of the kindness of his heart or is it just a bunch of BS? I say, if its so good, lock yourself in a room and trade the damn thing and make a fortune and don't go after poor souls looking for a way to find success in trading.


David, I totally agree with your bad feeling about those sales pitches. However, I can somewhat understand the desire of teaching or of sharing anything good a person could have discovered. In other words, though if I would certainly use any eventual discovered secret for my financial benefit, I would also feel a sense of great accomplishment in teaching and sharing, maybe just to a selected circle of friends and maybe with different terms and financial conditions.
Indeed, this tremendous secret that, according to the author, could be understood just in the first 20 minutes of the 7000K seminar (this was told during a webinar) looks much more similar to that BS you mentioned than to a real holy grail.
Greetings from Italy to you and R247 and thank you again for your helpful support.

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