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NexGen indicators and review (

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Fat Tails, your point is received and all due respect as always.

I am only here for one thing. Not to defend nexgen, but instead to somehow unite the nexgen members in one place so as to avail ourselves of a common approach to trading. I feel that sharing our opinions while using the same indicators could result in the ideal trading room/group. I have a private trade room and I invite anyone to come in an share resources, ideas, information and expertise (and receive the same) from a community of like-minded and similarly equipped traders.

You know, what I dislike most about your responses (and your attitude), is that you come to blow smoke why W is bad, and that X is this way, and Y is expensive/useless, and, oh by the way, you don't understand Z (which is the key!).

This is the THE most undesirable, yet most common, conduct in the entire FX world. So-and-so expert veteran tells the newbs why they are dumb, and what they dont know, and how they "dont get it". It as old as the hills. Its what turns me off about this industry. I have traded since the internet bubble. At that time it was stocks. Since then, the advent of broadband, ubuiqitous internet, leverage and low cost trading, not to mention uber-liquidity, made currencies the call. Why not trade 8 pairs (not 5,000 stocks) that are more liquid than the entire NYSE, and on leverage at super low cost??? Its the only game in town.

I've been fortunate as I have a bit of resource, knowledge and now, a ton of real, live trading experience. I have put in my "10,000" hours and I have made more trades than I could ever count. I know what the "keys" are and what is possible and impossible. I just don't like to have someone come on and tell me I don't know this, and what that means, and how this is useless, and how that is the only way to go. Get real. This is a bad attitude and doesn't help anyone. What a trader needs is, others who have the resource, knowledge and experience to train him/her up properly so that he/she may help the mentor/leader/head trader/more experienced guy/gal also spot the good trades when they invariably appear! This is all we want.

I am doing this. I think. In my own trading room. Which is free. I have nexgen. I also have a dozen other systems I purchased (some more expensive and some less than nexgen) over the last decade. Yea, believe me, Ive paid my dues. And I make my living from Forex.

So, Fat Tail, while I DO NOT doubt you are an intelligent, savvy, experienced trader you do ZERO good for yourself, the industry or anyone else by telling this forum that others dont know what the keys are and that we are stupid or clueless for this reason or that (thats the tacit conclusion). So, I say, come and show us what is real and good and let us learn. If it must be for money or a tuition fee so be it. But, ill tell you, I have seen countless folks that act like you act (not making judgements or conclusions), and they, typically, are the shovel sellers and make their cash via selling something or making pips as an IB.

Lets be cool to one another, add value and create a long-lasting super community of real people who are successful by helping each other and sharing.

I know that in my own way, I keep an open mind, I don't mock others approach because there are 10,000 good ways to trade, and I always add value because I have a ton of experience. I am not infallible, thats why I need help from others. Perhaps like, or unlike, you.

This all being said, I am positive as a man can be. Send me PMs lets meet on the net, ill contribute, and offer what I know to help create an environment that is mutually beneficial. Cheers to all. happy trading.

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