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Anyone know of this service-

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If you look at legitimate proven trader websites like by Ed Seykota a proven master you'll notice a common theme. Trading is not a quick get rich profession. Trading is hard as hell to be good at. Trading requires intense work and study.

Read the Market Wizards books and the theme prevails thoughout those too.

And here you have a website claiming that its easy to turn your pc into an ATM... I think anyone who has at least 20 years of life can figure out the game here. If not then they still have plenty of time to remake the money they will lose

One of the things that pisses me off about forums in general dedicated to trading is this belief that with discipline and emotional control almost any method can be profitable. But this spits in the face of the billions of dollars a year the giant firms spend on developing methods and traders.

Two disclaimers: I have never bought a trading system, and likely never will. And, I am not currently an experienced or profitable trader. I admit to such, and humbly will receive whatever ass-kicking from the market comes my way to learn from it. I've had some great sim days, and some bad sim days. No one should ever listen to my trading advice.

With that said, from what I can tell, you yourself are not a profitable or experienced trader either, yet you poop on others and speak like you've been at this for a long time. You could be completely right, I just think you set yourself up for catastrophe when you speak with such conviction about everyone else and their problems, when you yourself have not yet "arrived." You blast people for looking on forums for trading advice, yet you read books for the same reason, don't you? I completely agree with everything you've said regarding trading being intense work and study, not an overnight thing, etc., but the thing is, how would you know, have you been down the long road yourself and do you have a proven track record?

Me, I'm just trying to figure everything out. I mean no ill will whatsoever by the post. For the record, I did try the NFT trial for a week and learned some great things, but the whole thing is not for me personally. And yes, the web site is very non-professional and cheesy. Again, I wish you a good weekend and please take no offense from my well-meaning post.

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