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I did McDowell's mentorship program a while ago (maybe 2 years ago). After a few weeks I quickly realized there was nothing there. At the time Bill did not show his DOM, ninja chart markers, trade list, or anything else that would prove he was profitable. All he showed was an excel tradelog. His method was based on buying breakouts of cup patterns, but he had a keen ability to skip the losers and only take the winners. When I asked why he'd just say "that didn't look good". When he got a winner he'd show a screenshot showing the winning trade only. One could not see the previous trades. I felt he was hiding his losers. I was willing to part with my $3k but I was not willing to waste 3-6 months on it. So I left.

My advice is this: Without seeing actual broker statements, run away from any trading room / coach. They're all scams. I did two trials last week and will be posting more about them on my blog but the fact is I have yet to see one honest. Actually Kam from L2ST did show his DOM for a few weeks and he did make a little money but it was not very impressive. It was no where near the $4k/day he claims to make.

So just run away from these and save your money. Read the Dalton books & watch his free webinars and practice. It takes a few years. There are no shortcuts you have to put in the time.

This is the first time I write about my experience in Bill's room and that's because I was ashamed of having lost my $3k on it. I felt it was my fault for falling for a scam. But now I see they're all scams so I don't feel as bad and I want to warn others.

The only proof is a brokerage list of executions. There is absolutely no reason why a real coach wouldn't show this but they will all come up with a variety of excuses. If they don't show them then just assume they're a scam and move on.

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