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NexGen indicators and review (

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guys, stop trying to simplify everything. nexgen may have some elements of common indicators that are floating around for free, but no doubt about it there are BIG differences. The three biggest elements that make Nexgen so valuable are 1. rules (that is, exact science for how to enter on a specific bar w/ specific SL) 2. fib lines (which can never be recreated by a pirated system) and 3. the 1-on-1 training that nexgen offers. If you want to trade and plan to devote yourself then an investment in Nexgen is an excellent idea. Of coures, to each his own. And good luck to all!

He are no pirated systems. The indicators used by Nexgen have been around before Nexgen started using them. The trigger lines are simple moving linear regression lines. MACD, Bollinger Bands and Keltner Channels are not new either. The Fibonacci Lines are their main selling proposition. I have done statistical analysis and created my own Fibonacci Indicator, which of course is not identical with the Nexgen indicator. Maybe it is even better. If you like, you can try it.

The system they sell is overpriced. If you divided the price by 10 or 20, you would get a reasonable price. Nexgen needs to sell at high prices because most of their efforts go into marketing.

That said, their system is a valuable approach to trading. I agree that the indicators alone will not help you a lot without specific training, how to use them. However, you should not have used the term "science". This is no science, it is a game. The rules of this game change, and the only thing you try to figure out is the behavior of your opponents.

If you want to pay $ 16,500 just to be eligible for their training, this is your own decision. You may be disappointed in the end. There is no science, and the trading style may not match your personality.

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